“Oh my goodness those bears are BEAUTIFUL! The girls have them on their shelves in their rooms and Lukah calls it the “honey guy” thank you so much!”

Thank you Wendi! The bears are so special and we feel so blessed to have them thanks to your amazing talent – The Saunders Clan!”

When we asked if Wendi would donate one of her handcrafted bears to our cause we could NOT have imagined it would turn out so well. Thank you so much for your generous donation – such a beautiful gift, thank you!”

“Absolutely in LOVE with the Bearloom Bear Wendi made for my son Sam. She took in everything I talked about and I see so much of him in each detail. He loves that his fireman bear wears glasses, just like him!

My bears have arrived! They are gorgeous. Thank you so much. They will definitely be handled with much love and care. I was chuckling to myself when you commented on how fragile the fur was. I guess it would be considering George gave it to me almost 35 yrs ago!”

I really love my bears and I can’t thank you enough for all the time and love that you put into them. I can’t believe the energy that I feel from them. I’m sure it’s coming from mom and Kay and also from you.”

My son received a Bearloom Bear for his Birthday. The added personal touch that was done to his bear for him has made his bear extra special. Love the details from his little tie to his toes.

Wendi, thank you so much for everything. It was a very emotional day and seeing my sons picking their favourite bears while tearing up was really overwhelming.” 

“Thank you Wendi for understanding my deep love for my mom, and my need to create a lasting tribute to her that I could pass on to my daughter and granddaughter. You captured the spirit of my mom completely in this precious little bear.”

41 Comments on “Testimonials”

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